"Hello SaveTheDraft, I have failed as a commisioner this year. I am the commisioner of a very serious fantasy league, we do a blind draft (no notes, phones etc), have a full array of IDPs (2 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB AND A DFlex), the 14 of us come from 4 states to complete an in person draft and all get together for week 17 as well. I take pride in ensuring that their entry fees each year ($275 which pays for food, drinks, and lodging for the draft and week 17 weekends, prize money, and lastly for our draft kit)are put to good use. As I said before, I failed them this year. I ordered a draft kit this year from FantasyJocks for our draft on Saturday, August 19th. I thought to myself, "What could possibly be different, its just stickers and a board?" I now realize the error of my ways. They have numerous players listed at incorrect positions and their IDP stickers lacked many relevant players. Is there any way i could get a discounted price on a full draft kit including IDP player stickers? I will be paying out of my own pocket to try and fix this situation. You will gain a loyal commisioner for life if you could help me ensure that my draft isn't tainted with the poor player selection that has been provided in my current draft kit.”

Thank you for your time,
Commisioner Maresh