Fantasy Football Draft Boards and Player Label Kits

Our philosophy on our NFL Player label kit is simple: go
 deep a go late

Go deep on those depth charts and as far into this year’s NFL draft’s rookie class as possible and go to press with our label kit as late as possible to capture all fantasy football relevant NFL transactions.

Yes, we include a free commissioner’s marker and a blank label sheet just in case, but we take pride in that blank label sheet being barely used – and the satisfaction for our customers when they see that we actually have “Zach Laskey” ready to be peeled right off.

Just as a frame of reference, we have 110 WR’s in our kit. That’s sufficient for covering the top 3 wide receivers on every NFL team, and in some cases the top 4. Can you name the 3rd wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens? We can. And maybe even the 4th.

  • 110 WRs: top 3+ WR’s on all 32 NFL Teams (Chester Rogers, anybody?)
  • 110 RBs: top 3+ RB’s on all 32 NFL Teams (Kalen Ballage, anybody?)
  • 66 QBs: top 2+ QB’s on all 32 NFL Teams (Jake Rudok, anybody?)
  • 44 TE’s: top TE on each team, plus 12 backups (Randall Telfer, anybody?)
  • 44 K: top Kicker on all 32 NFL teams, plus some change
  • 44 Special Teams/Defense: All 32 NFL teams
  • 22 blank labels just in case Brett Favre makes another comeback!

Free Player Label Updates

Though we will be taking our player label kit to press as late as possible, we are committed to providing our customers with the means to account for any off-season transaction that takes place deep into August by providing what we are calling The Delta Sheet: A pre-formatted document for print on your included blank label sheet that can quickly be printed off and taken to your draft as an addendum to your Draft Kit. It will be updated daily and the link to it will be provided in your order confirmation email.

While most of you will likely take care of any late pre-season transactions with the Commissioners pen and blank label sheet included with your kit, for our more discerning commissioners we offer this free service. The Delta Sheet will just represent an updated list of any late player label changes. So whether you choose to make late season player label adjustments on the fly with your Commissioners pen, or by printing off The Delta Sheet: we've got you covered.