What makes a good fantasy draft kit?

The foremost purpose of a fantasy football draft board is to keep draft night flowing as smoothly as possible. This is done by eliminating duplicate picks, keeping everyone up to speed on whose turn it is, and generally giving everyone a common focal point for the evening.  Drawing from the good experiences and bad experiences of using various fantasy football draft boards over the last 10 years, we believe we have come up with the best fantasy football draft kit on the market -one that optimizes its purpose.

So what makes a good fantasy football draft kit?:

The Fantasy Football Draft Board: The fantasy football draft board itself needs be large enough for everyone in the room to be able to identify fantasy football player labels / stickers from 10-20 feet away. It needs to be sturdy enough to be tacked up on a wall and to endure a fair amount of 'abuse'. We have constructed our fantasy draft boards a full 4 ft. by 6 ft. - made out of 80 pound stock material that fills these very requirements.

The Fantasy Football Player Labels: Ultimately the fantasy football player labels are the most important part of a fantasy football draft kit. Purchasing just any draft board with stickers is ultimately not enough. It has to be large enough, and printed clearly enough for league members to be able to readily see them on the board and quickly peel them off the label sheets when a player is selected. We have noted over the years that NONE of the current suppliers of fantasy football draft kits have paid much attention to the player BYE WEEK information. This is a critical piece of information! Invariably, the bye week info is printed in font that is so minuscule that the draft participants simply cannot rely on it, or have to get 12 inches away from the board to get this information. For this reason, we took painstaking efforts to maximize the size of the font used to print the bye week number on our fantasy football draft board labels. Our large 1" x 4" labels are color coded by position, alphabetized by football player name, and illustrate the bye week number better than anyone we have seen.

Order Simplicity and Cost: What should be a simple task in purchasing fantasy football draft board kits at a reasonable cost, has become inundated with so many options and shipping matrices - not to mention expense - that we set out to boil this down to just what the customer needs: A sufficient fantasy football draft board at a reasonable cost.

For this reason, we sell a full scale fantasy football draft kit - including draft board with stickers, capable of hosting 14 teams and 20 rounds - for $35 with free Priority shipping.

Fantasy Football Player Labels