Features for 2017

The Delta Sheet: Though we we take our player label kit to press as late as possible, we are committed to providing our customers with the means to account for any off-season transaction that takes place deep into August by providing what we are calling The Delta Sheet: A pre-formatted document for print on your included blank label sheet that can quickly be printed off and taken to your draft as an addendum to your Draft Kit. It will be updated daily and the link to it will be provided in your order confirmation email.

The Delta Sheet will just represent an updated list of any late player label changes. So whether you choose to make late season player label adjustments on the fly with your Commissioners pen, or by printing off The Delta Sheet: we've got you covered.

Markers: In an effort to make our kit truly complete we include a free chisel tip permanent marker that dries quickly and wont fade. These are no cheap, narrowly-tipped markers - they're fatties! Every Commissioner needs a permanent marker at the draft. Every SaveTheDraft.com Commissioner will.

The SaveTheDraft.com YouTube Video

The Gloss Aqueous Finish As part of a new printing process a few years ago, we implemented the use of a spray powder technique that basically sped the drying of the ink on these huge 4 x 6 foot boards. This had the effect of slightly different visual appearance, one with more of a 'dull' finish. Although barely noticed by our customers, we noticed and have committed to returning the aqueous finish - one that we believe not only makes the board more sturdy, but also more visually appealing.

New Color For Wide Receivers and Kickers Using feedback from our customers, we set out this off-season to overhaul our wide receiver and kicker label colors to further distinguish them from one another. After comparing dozens of Pantone colors, we came up with the most distinct colors possible between these two. A minor detail? Sure. But we want our labels colors to be obvious, even after a few "adult beverages".

Extra-Large Bye Week Font: We have always maintained that the representation of the bye week on the player labels was one of the most overlooked aspects of offering a sufficient player label. Bye weeks are a critical piece of information! Our customers raved about our large bye-week font last year, and this year - ITS EVEN BIGGER!

Google Trusted Store Certification

In 2016, we were selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program, whereby Google audits our shopping experience, on time shipping reliability, and customer service over a 90 day qualification period. We are proud to announce that we have been awarded Google Trusted Store status and that our commitment to customer service and an excellent shopping experience has been recognized by Google.

If you are an existing customer, then you already know the quality of product and level of customer service we provide. If you are a potential customer, we hope that this adds a level of confidence in working with us to supply your fantasy football league with this year's draft board and player label kit.